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Welcome to Tiger Tug helicopter tugs, a new concept in moving helicopters around safely and efficiently.

There are several choices available in the market to move helicopters. Most of them are using technology that is quite old and not very efficient.


Beta Technologies just launched their new electric VTOL leading the way in the electric flight revolution!  And Tiger Tugs is proud to be a part of their efforts!

Safest and Easiest Mover Available

We took a fresh look at the tug market and interviewed people using other tugs like Heliporters®, Tug a Lugs, Heli Tow Carts, Helicopter Dollies, etc. and asked what they liked and didn’t like about their tugs. From there we set out to design a vehicle that was safer and easier to use. It was important for us to go beyond what has been the industry norm and create the next generation of helicopter mover!


What Our Customers Are Saying…

  • First of all I have to tell you that your product is incredible.  I used it for the first time this morning and it is safe, stable, and easy to use.  I trained my crew on it in less than 20 minutes using the operators manual.

    CW3 Michael D. Williams, AKARNG
  • Bell-427-&-Model-8.0-I“After decades of using helicopter platforms and competing lift products, I saw a Tiger Tug under a friend’s Bell 407 in Santa Monica. It was obviously a better mouse trap, but one had never been built for a low-skid Bell 427.

    Steve Hill’s band of professional engineers and problem solvers at Tiger Tugs went to work on my request, and in a matter of weeks created my own Tiger Tug! It is the safest, easiest to use solution for moving this three ton helicopter, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

    Ken Ambrose – Blue City Holdings LLC
  • Mate, after owning another well known brand helicopter tug I can’t believe how good the Tiger Tug is.  It is so easy to use, both extremely stable smooth in operation and I feel a lot more confident using it and a lot less risk of damage to my Heli.  Every one at Mascot Sydney is amazed and in envy.

    The only problem I have with it is that now it has made trying to sell that other tug yours replaced to anyone- impossible!!

    Mark Taylor
  • Steve, this tug is AWESOME!  It is so easy to use.  When we pulled my helicopter out of the hangar to run it out to the ramp which is a couple hundred yards away, it drew quite the crowd.  People were coming from everywhere to check it out!  I have to tell you, that you really saved me!  We were really struggling and very unhappy with the other tug we had.  Your Tiger Tug has made moving my B206 a piece of cake because of how easy it is to operate.  You will hear from me again soon as I need another one of your tugs for my other location! read more

  • boehmAll I can say is WOW! Steve Hill and the team at Tiger Tug make a great product! From high quality welds, to the clever ideas built into their product it all comes together in a well-crafted piece of equipment that will be an awesome tool in the hangar! The model 8.0 unit raises our EC 135s with ease and the wireless remote is helpful navigating tight spots in our hangar. Unlike other tugs or platforms, you can walk around the entire helicopter during transit and are not stuck in one spot negotiating tail or rotor blade clearances. The support for both our units has been outstanding. I had an upgrade to our unit I wanted to do. Steve answered the phone and walked me through the logic in the controller to provide the custom set up I was looking for. Everyone that operates the tug is surprised at the smoothness and the controllability of the unit. All of the functions on the unit can be tailored to the operators needs in the field…

    …And yes even the Orange Tiger paint job will amaze you!

    Matthew W. Boehm – Aircraft Technician
  • Sanford2“Tiger Tug in Bend Oregon is the place Sanford Health, Sioux Falls, South Dakota went to get ground handling for our three new BK 117 C2’s. We did this because of the abilities of the Tiger Tug and the ease of operation and the friendliness of all Tiger Tug Company Personnel. Our pad is not level and the Tiger Tug has no problems pulling the helicopter up and in to the hangar. Technical assistance is only a telephone call away. It is evident through their customer service; they also want the job done right.”

    Thomas R. Kitterman – Director of Maintenance – Sanford Health
  • “We researched the market carefully before deciding on the Tiger Tug and we are extremely happy with our purchase. With the wireless remote we can drive and operate it from any vantage point, simultaneously reducing the manpower required to move our LUH72s. We are delighted with its smooth lifting and easy drive system. The folks at Tiger Tug were very pleasant to work with and they delivered right on schedule.”

    Thank you Tiger Tug for this great piece of equipment!

    CPT Nathan P. Edgecomb – Oregon National Guard
  • “Loving our Tiger:

    Strong, reliable, and easy to maneuver_The Tiger Tug is technologically advanced yet simple to operate. Negotiating our crowded hangar and ramp among the multi-million dollar corporate jet neighbors is accomplished safely and easily. Not landing on a dolly after a twelve hour duty day at night and in gusty winds improves safety margins. We highly recommend the Tiger Tug!”

    Mark Reveron B429 Captain – United Therapeutics Corporation
  • Where I live in Sweden we get a lot of snow. Besides my EC 120 and AS350 I have a Citation Jet which I move around with a Lektro electric aircraft tug. It gets stuck in the snow and ice quite often. To avoid this situation I ordered the snow chains option with my Tiger Tug. They are still in their original container as I haven’t needed them. My Tiger Tug easily handles the heavy snow we get here without any problem. With the weight of the helicopter it just powers right through it.

    On rainy days I send the Tiger Tug with my helicopter on its back out of the hangar, out on to the ramp, drop off the helicopter and have the tug return while I stay nice and dry. Then at my convenience I can make the dash out to the helicopter. Easy solution for inclement weather!

    I am very pleased with my Tiger Tug and after investigating the whole market for helicopter tugs I purchased a second one for my other hangar location. I think Tiger Tugs are a very safe and problem free investment!

    Goran Wallenius – Sweden
  • I had been looking for a suitable helicopter tug for years. I finally decided on the Tiger Tug after a recommendation from my helicopter sales person. From the start I received great response and superior customer service even though I am on the other side of the world and very different time zone. My Tiger Tug operates extremely smooth and the finish is perfect in every detail! The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy it years ago! Every time I take my AS350B2 out of the hangar it puts a smile on my face!

    Max Liljeqvist – Sweden