The Omni Directional Answer


The Typhoon is the first helicopter tug of its kind and is revolutionizing the way helicopters are handled on the ground and on the sea! This tug is unique because of its true Omni directional capability. The Typhoon is able to move in any direction of the compass. It can drive sideways, any angle, pivot 360° about its center, literally any direction you ask of it!


Wireless Remote Control

With its full wireless remote control capability you gain a new level of control, visibility, safety and freedom not offered by any other tug. True one person operation!

Positive Control

Typhoon’s all electric state of the art drive system is the smoothest system available and will provide you with total positive control along with redundant safety features for the easy handling of your helicopter.


Many Applications

Our new Typhoon is an Omni directional vehicle that has applications limited only by your imagination! It has opened up new possibilities for housing and moving helicopters on top of Super Yachts. It can make easy work of moving helicopters in tight spaces like offshore oil platforms. It also has the ability to stack a hangar with more efficiency than ever before! With its unique versatility it has many applications in the industrial world.
Currently we are building these vehicles to handle weights up to 10,000 lbs. However we have the ability to go much larger. Contact us at your convenience to discuss what your requirements are.

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